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    In addition to looking good and tying into your décor, the flooring in your salon will need to withstand a lot of abuse. Each day that your salon is open for business, your floor could easily experience a hundred or more clients walking through from the changing room to the shampoo bowl and back to […]

    The post Flooring Options for Your Salon or Spa appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    For salons and spas, location makes all of the difference in the world. It’s important to be readily accessible to clients in an area that they like. The trick is to balance what clients need and want with what you like and can afford. Every community and several pockets within each neighborhood have their own […]

    The post Finding the Ultimate Salon or Spa Location appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    When it comes to lighting for your salon, there is no singular “right way” to illuminate. There are, however, a multitude of options to consider for lighting your work environment. Although it’s tempting to go for drama with little splashes of light to accent your salon or spa interior and give a beautiful ambiance, the […]

    The post Best Lighting for Salons (Specifically for Color) appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Are you starting a new salon or revamping an old one? Do you have issues in your existing location with constantly tripping circuit breakers? Whether you are starting a new salon from scratch or taking over or even revamping an existing facility, be sure to inspect and possibly amp up the electrical power for your […]

    The post Allocating Electrical Power for Your Salon appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Trending Clients What do ghosts use to clean their hair?……….SHAM-BOO. See what we did there? Now that we have the spooky stuff out of the way let’s talk about what’s trending in October. This month we feel that our wonderful clients have been the ones trending. The holidays are just around the corner, and we […]

    The post Trending Clients (October 2018) appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Check Out What’s App-ening! Mobile Options For All SalonRunner has been on the forefront with mobile since the beginning, and now, with new features and ways of doing business, we’ve taken your options to the next level. For those who embrace the power of working in the cloud, SalonRunner is still the most responsive salon […]

    The post Mobile Done Right – Check Out What’s App-ening! appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Ordering Salon & Spa Furniture If you’re thinking of opening a salon or spa or are planning to redesign or upgrade your current one, it’s highly advised to consult with a salon or spa design specialist. A seasoned professional will provide valuable advice and help walk you through every step of the design from choosing […]

    The post Salon and Spa Furniture – How To Furnish Your Salon appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Effectively Selling Retail When selling salon retail products to your clients, it really does not matter if you have a sales background or not.  What is important is that you don’t put them off by trying to push them into buying something that they may or may not need or want. Instead, try some of […]

    The post Selling Salon Retail Products appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Product Merchandising Displaying your retail products does not have to be extravagant but should be practical and fit in well with your salon or spa decor. You want shelving that fits as much product as possible but is easy to get to for clients and realistic for your staff to keep clean. Neatness Counts Regardless […]

    The post Product Merchandising In Your Salon appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Retail Detail Most salons and spas sell hair, skin, even lash, brow, and nail care products to their customers. However, there are a handful of beauty businesses that do not stock any products or participate in retail sales at all. If you are one of the minority in the suds-selling business, here are three reasons […]

    The post Why You Should Be Selling Retail appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    An essential part of a salon or spa’s ambiance is a comfortable and enticing climate. Indoor air temperature, quality, and ventilation is a large part of that environment, and it takes the right equipment to make it all come seamlessly together. Here’s what you need to know about your salon or spa’s air quality and […]

    The post Air Quality & Climate Control for Salons & Spas appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Essential for running a successful business, management software can help with scheduling, inventory, email marketing, and so much more. However, with so many offerings on the market, it can be overwhelming when choosing the right one for your business. In reality, most salon and spa software offers similar features. For example, they all provide some […]

    The post Salon & Spa Software Buyers Guide appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    Not only are most businesses required by law to have some form of coverage, but the idea of preparing for the worst case scenario also makes good business sense. Fire, theft, and employee and client accidents or lawsuits can destroy a business and even tap personal assets, like your home or savings. Here’s what you […]

    The post Navigating Salon & Spa Insurance Needs appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    It’s no secret that salons and spas require a fair amount of cleaning, maintenance, and general upkeep. However, the key to maintaining a clean and well-running facility is to plan for its care on several levels. Here’s what we suggest: Everyday Upkeep An average day in the salon uses up towels and smocks, finds the […]

    The post Cleaning & Maintenance for Salons & Spas appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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  • 12/18/18--12:23: Our Goals For 2019
  • New Year, Same You, New Goals Do you remember the super bowl selfie kid? Or the tide pod eating teenagers? Or even the royal wedding? Oh, and was it Yanny or Laurel (it’s Laurel btw)? Yes, all these things happened in 2018. We’re days away from 2019 before the next round of trends, memes, and […]

    The post Our Goals For 2019 appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    If you have ever done a business plan, then you’ve had to address a good problem that all business owners want to have: success. But with this success comes another level of preparation that is essential to the continued health of your salon or spa. There is nothing worse than having more business than your […]

    The post Planning for the Success of Your Salon or Spa appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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  • 01/08/19--11:27: Marketing Your Salon or Spa
  • Are you looking for practical ways in which to market your salon or spa? Do you find yourself at a loss for new and exciting ideas for promoting your products and services? Here are some tips to help get your marketing going and to keep it on track, plus some simple ideas for promotions. Plan […]

    The post Marketing Your Salon or Spa appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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    As a business owner, you will face lean times – it’s just part of doing business. These business hurdles can be an unusual lull in bookings, a staff walkout, a higher-than-expected price hike in your overhead or cost of goods, an owner illness or accident, or some sort of catastrophe such a fire, earthquake, flood, […]

    The post Is Your Salon or Spa Ready for a Rainy Day? appeared first on Rosy Salon Software.

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